Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre - Programs

Play-Based Learning Program

The teaching practice at Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre is guided by the 8 key principles that support Belonging, Being, Becoming in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). 

We believe that play is a vital component in the development of all children which is why we follow a play-based learning program that is reflective of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Through the provision of a wide range of materials, children have the opportunity to explore and extend on their learning and experiences. We believe in letting the children play without interruption from adults and encourage them to take risks and make their own choices. Each child’s learning and development is assessed as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluation.

The 8 Principles are:

  1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships
  2. Partnerships
  3. Respect for diversity 
  4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives 
  5. Equity, inclusion and high expectations 
  6. Sustainability 
  7. Critical reflection and ongoing professional learning 
  8. Collaborative leadership and teamwork

Each room has their own fortnightly program which consists of experiences based on children’s interests. Each child is closely observed and their learning is then extended through our program. Our Educational Leader, in conjunction with our Educators, have worked together to create a program format that encourages freedom of choice, exploration and independence.

Our program includes indoor/outdoor play experiences as we have a large outdoor area where children are able to use both fine and gross motor skills through their learning. Indoor experiences are often moved to outdoor play as children enjoy the fresh air under our large natural trees.

The Learning Journey

Photos and reflections of the children and educators engaging in experiences are regularly shared with families through the use of our online app and displayed around the centre to showcase what the children are currently interested in and what they are learning at the centre. Children’s individual learning is documented in their portfolios which families have access to at any time in the year.

Funded Kindergarten Program

Kinder 3 and Kinder 4 both operate a funded Kindergarten Program every day.

Children must attend a 3-year-old funded Kindergarten for at least 5 hours per week in the year before 4-year-old Kindergarten, which can be achieved at Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre by attending at least one day each week. 

Children must attend a 4-year-old funded Kindergarten for at least 15 hours per week in the year before primary school, which can be achieved at Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre by attending at least 2 full days each week.

View our Kindergarten Programs at Wheelers Hill Information Booklet.

SunSmart Early Childhood Service Program

Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre have been recognised as a SunSmart service by SunSmart Victoria for the past 10 years, continually meeting all of the guidelines and recommendations
to reduce skin cancer risk.

The SunSmart Early Childhood Program was introduced by
Cancer Council Victoria in 1996. By teaching sensible sun protection habits from an early age and implementing sun protection measures, schools and early childhood services can play a significant role in reducing skin cancer risk.

Our current certificate will be valid until September 2026. 

Happy Feet Fitness Program

Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre hosts the Happy Feet Fitness program two days per week. This program is an interactive, themed, adventure class packed full of original music, costumes, props, magic, singing, dancing, games and learning. Classes provide the children with opportunities to connect with the community, improve their wellbeing, confidence, communication, health and fitness. These classes come at an extra cost to the families, paid directly to the company and participation is optional.

Please Note: Funded kindergarten children are entitled to one free Happy Feet class per week. 

Kelly Sports Program

The kinder children at Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre are also visited by the Kelly Sports program on a fortnightly basis.

Kelly Sports
is a popular multi-sports incursion that teaches children valuable gross motor skills. Kelly Sports’ goal is to help children get active, develop skills and confidence, and gain a lifelong love of sports. They encourage children to have fun while teaching them fundamental movement skills through play that form an important part of a child's development and enable them to learn the skills required for sports and prepare them for a healthy, active life.