Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre - Philosophy

High Quality Relationships

At Wheelers Hill Child Care Centre, we aim to provide children and families with an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, nurturing, enjoyable and home-like. We offer a safe and secure environment where children are valued and encouraged to develop to their full potential. We are continually looking for ways as a centre to improve, and through this reflective process our philosophy, environment, curriculum and knowledge will evolve and develop. Our educators are seen as role models who support each individual child to engage in the best possible learning through nurturing and enhancing their sense of wellbeing and belonging. We believe all children deserve to be treated equally without bias and their culture and diversity embraced and acknowledged.

Play-Based Learning Environment

We believe that play is a vital component in the development of all children which is why we follow a play-based learning program. We implement an indoor/outdoor program which gives children the freedom to decide where they wish to play regardless of weather. Our program includes children’s interests and enhances their learning through various experiences both planned & unplanned. We value outdoor play and think of our indoor and outdoor environments as one whole space rather than separate areas. Through the provision of a wide range of materials, children have the opportunity to explore and extend on their learning and experiences. We believe in letting the children play without interruption from adults and encourage them to take risks and make their own choices.

Nurturing Growth and Independence

Staff support all children to become independent, develop friendships, and help them to make their own choices and treat one another with equality. There are many opportunities through the program that allow children to engage in varying experiences and to pursue their own interests. Each child is unique and embarking on their own individual life. Therefore, we strive to empower children by using their thoughts and ideas to develop the program. We realise that children develop at their own pace so early education is fundamental for future learning. We introduce children to different family types, cultural experiences and alternate ways of doing things. In this way, they will learn to accept challenges.

Family Inclusive Environment

Families are very important to us and we like to promote open communication, respecting their rights, beliefs, cultures and opinions. We also like to encourage family involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational programs. We are committed to constructive communication with families which includes discussions, child portfolios, weekly reflections, Facebook and newsletters. We believe a healthy nutritional menu which caters for all individual needs, including dietary and cultural requirements, is essential for healthy growing minds and bodies.